What is the New Classique?

I think in order to tell you what the new Classique is...it's important to say what it is not.

  • It is not a fashion blog...but we do talk about fashion

  • It's not a lifestyle blog...but we do talk about lifestyle

  • It is not a travel blog...But we do talk about traveling

The New Classique is all of these things, but so much more. It's my mistakes, challenges, triumphs, me-isms, loves, and hates. It is about me taking the conventional topics of fashion, lifestyle, and travel and putting my own twist on them, to give you a new and fresh POV of it all. 


My goals for this blog are as follows:

  • Let people see how my life is 

    • I Honestly just want to be truthful and real with you guys. I will never fake who I am on here, because i think there is something truly special in someone being authentic and real

  • Create a space where people can relate to me.

    • This is not made for you to be like "oh my gosh!She is so cool, I could never do any of this!" I made this place so that you can see this and say "hell yeah I can do all that!" 

    • Also feel free to comment and communicate not only with me, but also with other readers. I want to create a community for us to talk without judgement.

  • Talk about things that are not only relevant to me, but are relevant to other women/girls.

    • We live in such a freaking crazy, but great time because women empowerment is becoming such an interesting topic of convo. SO on here can talk about fun stuff like fashion and fun travel destinations, or we can get deep and talk about my experience traveling as a black woman, or how black girl magic plays into the feminist narrative.

    • All in all it's gonna be lit with convo

  • Just to have fun! Honestly this isn't meant to be some doom and gloom blog. so though I may talk about some serious topics at times, it's so that we can make them more light-hearted and easier to talk about!

Where can we contact you?

You can contact me at the following places:

  • Facebook:https://www.facebook.com/thenewclassique/

  • Instagram: @ari.elyse.coleman

  • Twitter: @Ari_Coleman

  • The contact form in the "contact section"!

Please feel free to message me at anytime! I would love to hear from you guys!

*All photos are taken by me unless otherwise specified within the posts. Please feel free to utilize images and credit me @thenewclassique. Original photos from this site are NOT to be edited and should be used in their original edits unless given permission. Also, all written material is of my own original creation and ownership, and not open to redistribution or promotion unless given permission. If you have any questions and/or business inquiries please feel free to contact me at thenewclassique.blog@gmail.com or contact me through my social media channels listed above.