IDK, I'm An Intern

IDK, I'm An Intern

No matter how prepared you think you are, you are never truly prepared for a job or internship. There will always be something you don't know, something you have to google, and blank stares that you will give to your laptop when you're asked to make an inventory spreadsheet. So purely for your entertainment value, I've compiled a hilarious (and sometimes sad) list of things I think in my head on a daily basis suring my internship.

Boss: Hey Ari can you make an inventory spreadsheet? I'll send you the format.

Me: Yeah sure! *Furiously googles how to do an inventory spreadsheet*

Me: Siri where is the nearest Whole Foods?

Siri: The nearest Whole Foods is .5 miles away

Me: ...why...?


"I'm just a tired baby intern who doesn't know what they are doing..."


"Why does everyone speak in acronyms? They're all 'we need to book the PA's, the AC and the DP' and I'm just like WTF!"


"Do they know that I've been on Facebook for the past hour? Have they been on Facebook for the past hour?"


"I feel like this is just 50% me not knowing what to do, and 50% me acting like I know what I'm doing...neither of these things are good"

"Why does everyone use such big words when they talk? I have to google at least half the words used in this office, otherwise I would be totally lost."


"Sometimes I'm afraid to use the restroom because I feel like interns should have zero needs whatsoever...including going to the bathroom."


*Googles luxury toilets* "What even is my Google search history now?"


"I wonder if people just look at me and think, dang that intern is a hot mess, because I think that about myself right now."


"The fact that I haven't cried is an actual miracle"

"Oh my gosh! Something I actually know how to do! Yes! I am thriving! *2 hours later* ...I am not thriving." 

These are just some of the many thoughts that go through my mind on a daily basis during my time as an intern here in New york, and no doubt iwill have so many more moments of just pure confusion. but hey as long as i just keep mt head up and keep moving forward (And as long as Google doesn't fail me), it's going to continue to be an amazing experience. 

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