Busting The Bumble Code

Busting The Bumble Code

So fun fact about this piece is this is by no means something that you need to take with utmost seriousness. This is the result of a couple of 20-somethings who like to have fun on dating apps. And because of the fact that summer is amongst us and free time is abundant, we have been able to produce a pseudo foolproof list on how to Bumble.

Now a little background about Bumble: It is a dating app (much like Tinder) where you make a profile and swipe right or left. Now you only swipe based off the person’s profile pictures and a short (most of the time, nondescript) bio. Now when you match with a guy…the girl is the one who has to message first…as per Bumble rules. If you do not message your match within 24 hours then it is gone, back into the wide expansive dating pool. So, we have basically put together this list, because it’s something that has worked for us and has fueled some great conversations for our friend group.  

So without further ado The New Classique here to help you with some basic (and funny) Bumble tips.

Image Credit: Flickr.com/Jhaymesisviphotography

Image Credit: Flickr.com/Jhaymesisviphotography

  1. Be Original With Your Opener

But don't settle for a typical hey handsome, or you're a cutie. What I do is utilize a very reliable 12/10 (sometimes 15/10 if they are really cute) rating followed by a gif of James Franco winking. It's flattering to the guy, but it's brief, attention grabbing and humorous. This without a doubt has been my foolproof way of opening a conversation.

Now of course this isn’t the only way to open up a message, and if you aren;t familiar with being this forward then you by no means have to do this. But have a little fun! Send a gif, add an emoji, ask an interesting question. You know that you hate it when guys give you the ypical one-liner, or seem to can carry a halfway decent convo, so take this opportunity to make an interesting first move.

2. typically the guy will reply in one of two ways…

They'll thank you and compliment you in kind or they will send you a gif that expresses their thanks. For the former, reply by stroking his ego even further (this is where I suggest dropping a handsome compliment or something's) for the latter, I usually compliment their gif skills in addition to their attractiveness.

It establishes the playing field that you guys are flirting, and also breaks the ice a bit!

3. be forward, but understand the importance of subtle seduction.

While guys respond well to straightforward blunt compliments, guys really respond well to suggestion. If a guy is flirting hard with you, tell him to use his imagination when thinking of you. Be teasing. Guys like a good chase.

4. don't underestimate the use of a well-placed emoji

Winky faces can be a game changer.

5. don't try to be too deep too quickly.

Ask them how their day is or how life is treating them. Give them room to open up to you. (Me: I mean would you want someone asking you deep questions about your views on life after you just matched on an app...probs not).

6. don't be too expectant of dating apps.

People don't spend hours on there searching for constant conversation so neither should you. If a guy doesn't message back until hours later, it's not that he doesn't like you. He's probably just dealing with life. Like you are probs dealing with life.

7. follow your instincts.

Don't force conversation where you feel it's a dead end but if you feel a connection feel free to exchange numbers or something.

In the end, you have to have fun, not expect a lot of deep meaningful first encounters, and just to unleash your inner fierceness and flirtatiousness. If something more comes of it, then that’s awesome, but until then, have fun and stay flirty my friends!

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