Owning Your Alone Time

Owning Your Alone Time

Okay so I’ve noticed that we may love hanging out with other people and do activities, but when it comes to being by ourselves we end up a little stumped. Honestly, we only feel comfortable doing things, when others are present around us. It gives us a sense of validation when we can go out and enjoy our favorite things with our favorite people (Not to mention it gets rid of the awk situations if you were to go alone). But I don't see why we shouldn't be able to do all the things we would do with others, by ourselves. Because sometimes your friends are busy. They may not always be available for a concert you want to see, seeing a movie, or even just hang out. So here's how to own your alone time and become your own best friend.



1. Don't Let Awkwardness Stop You

Awkward situations are everywhere...like everywhere, and if you run away from every opportunity to do something just because you fear awkwardness, then you're never going to be able to have fun and do all the amazing things you want to do. For example, I went to a concert by myself for the first time this past summer, and I ended up loving it. Yes, it was incredibly uncomfortable at first, but guess what? At the end of the night I ended up not only enjoying my favorite band but also meeting new people as well. 



2. Start Small Then Build Up

Now I didn't just start off being confident about doing some of my favorite places by myself. Trust me...it took time. What really helped me was starting off small, like really small. Like maybe enjoying alone time meant that I wouldn't call someone to hang out on my only free weekend. Instead, I would put my phone down, put it on silent, and just spend some time journaling, binge-watching my fave Netflix series, or even just meditate and have some quiet time where I don't do anything. These are all things that can be done within the space of your apartment. When you're comfortable with this, then you can move forward and start doing big things by yourself (Like going to the Palace of Versailles...yes...by yourself).



3. Don't Let Others In

What I mean by this is, don't let other people dictate how you spend your time. Don't allow for someone t make you feel bad for choosing to go shopping by yourself, or going to that new café that just opened. Just because they aren't comfortable enough with themselves, doesn't mean that you cant be comfortable hanging out with yourself. 


Now, why is it s important for you to be able and comfortable spending time with yourself? 

Well Honestly, I think it's just a good practice of self-care. There shouldn't be anyone who knows you better than you. Getting to know yourself is kind of finding a friend that you never really knew you had. You are able to learn your likes and dislikes, limits, and other factors that you may not have been able to gain by being around others on a near daily basis. 


Being comfortable being alone also allows you to decompress your emotions. You can begin to identify and compartmentalize what you're feeling and why without the distraction of others telling you how you feel (whether they are just trying to be helpful or not).

Finally, owning your alone time allows you to completely rock the time you spend with others! Why? Because you've had time to give yourself 100% of your attention. When you're around others, you are always giving your attention (or at least I do).  It can get exhausting if you keep giving and giving time to others but never reserving any time for yourself. So basically, in the end, being able to be alone makes you a better friend. 

Also, remember if you don't like hanging out with yourself, then why should anyone else like hanging out with you. 

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