How Did I Get Here?

How Did I Get Here?

I love rom-coms! Like I am deeply in love with rom-coms. Honestly I just love romance in general. Like, I’m just a girl that loves love. So you could only imagine how excited was to experience romance in the place that basically invented it…Paris. Ah Paris, the place that gave me some of my best stories, and where this particular adventure in dating takes place.

 Now before we get started, I know it’s been a while since I’ve told you about a dating faux pas, but just remember some things:

  1. Names will be changed due to general privacy for the other party involved (not that they know I’m writing this lol).

  2. All situations are real things that happened (unfortunately).

So with that being said, let’s get started.

The Meet Cute

I met Tyler* my first week in Paris at a Starbucks. That was our meet cute lol. I was there to meet up with my friend Ashley* and she asked if it was okay to bring Tyler. They both were studying abroad at AUP (American University in Paris) like I was and came from the same school in the states. So of course I said yes because I literally knew no one and was totally open to meeting new people. Little did I know that I would meet the handsome Tyler. Now I would say that Tyler was pretty much my type; a little rugged, tan with dark hair, he loved Hamilton the Musical, like he was lit and I was totally down for it. So after hanging out with him and Ashley for the day, we ended up at the AUP boat party. And after copious amounts of beer, a group of us walked the streets of Paris and just hung out. And of course Tyler was in that group with us. And even though we were in a group, we somehow ended up walking next to each other and playing the game of will we or wont we hold hands with each other (we did). And can I tell you that I was smitten? Like I knew that Tyler was going to be my Parisian romance story.

The Awesome

So we started dating, and it was cute as hell. How you may ask? Well, after a pseudo-date to the aquarium that was crashed by friends and a night drinking with the friends, that ended with flirtatious touching…we finally had our first kiss, in front of the Eiffel Tower while it was twinkling. Yeah! I Know! Trés Romantique!

After that magical first kiss, we just kept being cute. Sharing desserts in Montmartre, sharing kisses on Le Seine, late night kisses under umbrellas. Like we were really feeling ourselves and I was feelin’ this, and when it was great it was great! But when it was awkward it was hella awkward.

The Awkward

So yeah Tyler and I were smitten, and we had dates, and we were cute and adorable…when it was just us two, but when we got around other people, it was a different story. While we had no problem holding hands and being couple-y when we were in our own bubble, I would notice that when we were around our friend group Tyler would be a bit awkward… For example, one time I was out at dinner with the girls from our current group (something we would usually do before going out that night) and we decided to invite the guys, which included Tyler. Now I was excited to see the guy I’ve been dating, I mean like who wouldn’t be? I was excited to sit with him, talk with him, and cuddle up with him and eat pizza. You know like any normal girl that’s dating in Paris? Well that didn’t happen…at all. He got there, didn’t sit next to me, didn’t talk to me, and didn’t cuddle up to me and eat pizza. Like what?!

So yeah, that was a regular occurrence when we were with other people. It was like a cold bucket of water was poured onto our relationship. And like I’m not even a huge PDA person, but I would like for people to I don’t know…know that we are dating! But yeah, that’s what the deal was…unless he was drinking…

 The Downright Awful

So yes, although Tyler showed no affection in a group when sober, he did whenever he wasn’t… Yeah, this defs should’ve been my first red light but you know we all make mistakes lol.

But this particular characteristic of Tyler is the reason why we ended on less than stellar terms.

So we were going out (if you’ve read my night out post then you know what group I am talking about) and everyone was completely trashed on wine, including Tyler, and minus me, because you know I don’t find it fun or exciting to be completely trashed before you go out. Surprising, I know. So I’m like the sober mom watching over our drunken children while we are waiting to get into this cool speakeasy and I’m already regretting it thinking I should have just stayed home.

Like Tyler was drunk and not giving me the time of day and I was just 1000% done. So I talk to other people in the line, because why not. I end up talking to a group of two Parisian guys and a girl and I’m having a good convo. I’m like the only one of my group not drunk and they noticed that and realize that I’m not an actual idiot. Anyway, Tyler chooses that time to come over and assert himself as my…whatever he was…boyfriend? Kissing partner?

In the end, due to the drunkenness of the group, we had to leave (because they wouldn’t let us in!), and I decided that I had had enough of this and that I was going to go home. I was frankly over the whole night (and Tyler) and just wanted to go eat a bowl of cereal and sleep.

I tell the group that I’m gonna head out, and Tyler decides to do the same and make his way home with me…you know to his own home, not mine. Soooo here we are walking to the Metro station, just talking and holding hands (because I still haven’t learned my lesson) and Tyler has a near conniption fit as he came to the realization that he forgot his keys at home and his roommate (one of our friends) is still out, so I suggest he just come back to my place and wait for a bit until his roommate gets home.

Getting on the metro, I know something was gonna happen, like you know that feeling when you’re just like “yeah ish is about to go down, but I just don’t know what?” That’s how I felt. And I was right. We were on the metro and Tyler looked…green, and my first thought was “I don’t want to witness the guy I’ve been dating for 3 weeks vomit on a metro,” so I suggested we get off at the next stop, AND I KID YOU NOT HE STARTS TO GAG!  And I’m just like nope we are leaving right now. So we get off at the next stop, he rushes to the nearest trashcan, and there I am standing in a metro station at 1 a.m., listening to Tyler vomit into a trash can…Yeah not exactly the impression you want to leave on a girl.

We get back on the metro, because he still has to come to my apartment because he doesn’t have his keys, and I’m just sitting there, staring out the metro window, with Tyler resting on my shoulder, wondering how I got here. #Tragic. We finally make it back to my apartment where I hand him a little toothbrush wisp thing that I had leftover from flight into Paris and we sat down on the couch and he looked me in the eye and said, “I messed up tonight didn’t I?” And like I honestly felt bad, but I also just kind of thought about this baby relationship we’ve just started.

Like yes, Tyler was cute as hell and when we hung out just the two of us it was great, but did I really want to deal with the possibility of him needing to drink to show me any physical affection/sign of a relationship when we were with our friends? Yeah it’s not worth it. So in answering his question, I said…”kind of.” Then I called him an Uber and he left. 

That was pretty much the end of our relationship, and following that night we kind of just mutually ghosted one another, which was super dope and pretty easy since we didn’t have the same classes and messaged each other via Facebook. I mean he still looked at my IG stories for like a whole year afterwards.

So yeah, didn’t exactly get the rom-com romance that I had hoped for, but like I still got my kiss in front of the Eiffel tower…so I ain’t complainin’

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