Get to know the Founder!

She’s pretty dope!

During her Junior year of college, she studied abroad in Paris for about 5 months. During her time there she worked for the online magazine at American University Paris called Peacock Plume. It was there that she found my love of writing and where she decided to start this blog, The New Classique. So glad that she have found this outlet and a new passion in her life, she hopes that through ramblings and stories that you can also find inspiration to pursue your passions, and just be you.

Today, she am just a twenty-something living in Los Angeles, California and working as a Marketing Coordinator, with way too many side hustles. Ariana is slowly building up the brand of the New Classique, and hoping to just reach more and more people, day by day.

Feel free to contact her:

  • Instagram: @ari.elyse.coleman

  • Twitter: @Ari_Coleman

For Freelance Inquiries:

  • Fiverr: aricoleman96