A Recipe For Disaster

Wanna have a bad day? Let me give you a little recipe. You’ll need:

  • 10 minutes of being locked out of your place of work. Sprinkle in some anxiety if you’re already rushing to get there.

  • Add a dash of self-loathing because you are the only one on your team not vegan/vegetarian

  • A pinch of forgetting your earphones, so no music for you

  • 2 cups of sweat from running for the first time in you don’t know how long, causing you to nearly keel over. Make sure you have a guy catcalling you on your run. This’ll add a little extra flavor

  • 3 cups of tears that you inevitably shed because you sit in the car, turn on a song, and remember the ex you broke up with a month and a half ago

  • Bake it all in the oven for the time it takes for you to sit through 5 o’clock traffic back to Los Angeles, and finish it off with a fine dusting of homesickness.

  • This can be served hot or cold (Although we prefer piping hot, like our tea) and there you go! A crappy day.

Also I literally saw a guy so hot that I almost wrecked the brakes of my car from slamming on them in the parking lot of Target…I am ashamed…

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