Goodbye Google Maps

You guys I did it! I have taken a successful adult step today and I am so proud of me. What is it you ask? Did I finally do all the meal prepping I said I was gonna do? No. Did I finally erase all my emails that have been building up in my inboxes? No. Did I pay off a student loan?…no…

But I did something that is equally amazing. {drumroll} I didn’t have to use my GPS today to get home from work! Okay you may not think this is exciting, but I have been living in Cali for 2 weeks now, and I was terrified of thinking that I would get lost and end up in some random town. But today I said to hell with it! I was fed up with Google Maps screeching in my ear about how I should take this route through a neighborhood to save 12 minutes of my drive, only to be straight hoed and end up being 20 minutes late to work because I was stopped by every. single. red. light!

So today I had the confidence to turn off the GPS and make my way home! And I did it! So let’s all take a moment and thank the Lord that Ari will no longer be screaming at Google Maps for interrupting her quality podcast time.

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