I Almost Got Into A Wreck

So I was driving out of the Target parking lot (a pretty normal place for me to be considering that I am ALWAYS at Target) and I’m just mindin’ my own business and being extra vigilant for pedestrians, and then I see the FINEST man! And when I tell you I almost wrecked my car and broke my brakes because I hit them so hard, like DUDE!

He was tall, he was athletic, he had a great jawline! Like I kept stopping because I didn’t want to not see him. And like he just kept looking at my car like I was crazy (ya know probs because I was driving like a drunk person, and kept stopping every two seconds). Anyways, even though I was like 2 minutes away from yelling out my window “You got an Instagram or nah?”…I didn’t. But man I wish I did.

He also reminded me of this guy I met in a club in France, which was low key triggering, and defs a story for another time.

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