My New Favorite Lipstick

Happy Halloween my lovely readers, and for this marvelously spooky day I wanted to share something truly spectacular with you…my new favorite lipstick insert drumroll here…The $4 face paint I got from Hobby Lobby. I know! Jeffree Star who? Fenty what? All the makeup gurus are quaking because I have found the best product.

Okay in all seriousness, I did a fun little two toned lip look for my Halloween costume today and let me tell you! I have eaten fries, scarfed down a wrap, sipped some tea (both literal and not) and sat through an 8 hour work day, and it still looks good.

So ya’ll can go spend $30 on Urban Decay, I’ll be over here using “Face Paint: Washable Face Paint For Kids 4+” by Hobby Lobby. And that’s the tea sis. 🐸☕️

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