Food To Go

Food To Go

If you ever have the pleasure of being in Waco at the beginning of the spring time, then you most definitely know about how Waco is taking part of the new food craze...Food trucks! The event first took place March 28th, 2015 and is now making a name for itself as The Texas Food Truck Showdown! So obviously my girls and I had to go eat at a food truck...or 20 whenever we saw that it was going down.

On Your Mark...Get Set...Eat

So we started off by buying tickets fro the competition. The competition part takes places from about 11 - 4 and during this time you can buy however many tickets you want ($5 each) and those will give you free reign to try a special dish from any food truck that is participating within the contest. At the end of the contest the winners for that year will be announced and then the dinner service will begin afterwards.

We each bought 3 tickets each, and roamed around for a little bit in order to get a lay of the land. In the end we decided to put in our ticket with these trucks:

Taco Bar

This taco truck was so good. Also it was a pretty hefty taco, like it wasn't playin' any games. With savory shredded meat, jalapeños and grilled onions, I was in love with this taco (Like taco dirty to me). We were very pleased that we chose it for our first dish. (While Camille and I got tacos, Jenn got this bomb af baked potato pizza).

 Bite My BiscuiT

I've never had sex before but I think this biscuit sandwich from Bite My Biscuit is like 20 times better! Like UNF it had battered fried chicken, bacon, cheese, a homemade buttermilk ranch sauce, and it was served on this buttery deliciousness of a biscuit. Like I would marry that biscuit, so I was not surprised when this food truck won the people's choice award of the event. 

Social Media: Insta - @BiteMyBiscuitfoodtruck


Quickly becoming a Baylor student/Waco staple. Pokey-O's brought the sweetness that we all love by serving their mammoth cookie with their famous cookies n' cream ice cream. The line of course was hella long, as per always, but it's always worth it. Unfortunately, I wasn't able to have the special item at Pokey O's because it had peanut butter and I'm allergic to it (insert sad face here). But it's cool because I'll just go stalk their Instagram to find out where they'll be next. 

Social Media: INsta - @pokeyoswaco

The Dream Kitchen

Our last stop was for me to get my sweet tooth fix, and it defs delivered. The Dream Kitchen had bread pudding, but not just any bread pudding. They had turtle bread pudding, strawberry and blueberry bread putting, and so many more. I got the strawberry and blueberry bread pudding, and it was so delicious. It was warm, and gooey and just pure heaven covered in caramel sauce. 12 out of 10 for sure!

Honestly had so much fun tasting from these food trucks and my stomach thanks them greatly! If you want to check out more about this food truck competition, check it out here

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