Keepin' It Weird

Keepin' It Weird

Every April, Baylor has a school wide holiday called Dia Del Oso (Day of the Bear) in which we have a day off from classes, their is a campus wide carnival, and we basically spend the whole day partying and having fun. Now honestly I've been at Baylor for 3 years and I'm still not sure why we have this holiday, but who am I to question it. SO in honor of having a day off from school, my friends and I took this chance to take the hour and a half drive to spend the day in Austin.

Hope Outdoor gallery

Our first stop in the crazy and amazing city of Austin was the Hope Outdoor Gallery, otherwise known as "The Graffiti Park." Now this place is basically heaven for any instagrammer, street artist, or just someone who wants to site-see. The place is a multi-leveled, outdoor, structure with walls, tables, and chairs covered in graffiti art. Definitely a must see spot in the good city of Austin. 

The Texas State Capitol

Honestly have you really visited Austin if you didn't go to the State Capitol. The building is a beautiful structure, and also it's completely free to get into it (yay free stuff). Depending on the day, you can even go into some of the rooms that are there, like where they hold meeting s with the Texas representatives. Also take a chance to marvel at all the details within the Capitol building, like the decorative door hinges, the amazing glass ceiling in the center of the building, or the beautiful staircases that bring you up to the overlooking balconies within the building. 

The Blanton Museum of art

Although one of the smaller museums I've been to, it holds a stunning array of both modern and traditional art. The Blanton holds some amazing pieces within it's walls from a room full of early european and venetian paintings to an amazing and stunning exhibit called, "How to Build Cathedrals." It's truly stunning, so I would say go before the exhibit is moved.


Now y'all, you know it's not  true travel post for me if I don't talk about some of the food I ate. This time, Frank takes the cake for one of my favorite Austin eats. This place is known for it's good hot dogs and it serves in a warehouse -esque restaurant. I ended up having the Chicago dog and it was very very very good, but the real dish that you should get at Frank is their chili-cheese waffle fries. Can you say heaven? Because that's what these were. Honestly 12 out of 10 would eat a whole plate of those by myself, they were so good.

More tips for Austin

  • Parking can be a b-word to find so make sure once you find a parking spot, you stay there. I strongly suggest getting a parking spot on or near Congress street (basically the main street) this way you are basically centrally located to everything, and you can walk anywhere.
  • Wear good walking shoes, because you are gong to be doing a lot of walking, and there is nothing worse than getting blisters while on a day trip.
  • Really take the time to explore Austin. There are so many hidden restaurants and murals to see, so make sure you have the time.
  • Finally, always, always, ALWAYS...make time for traffic. Austin traffic can be the absolute worst, so always make time for it, or else you will be sitting on I-35 for a thousand years.
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