Flyin' Solo

Flyin' Solo

We’ve all had those times when our favorite band is playing, a new exhibit in a museum is opening, or there’s a new restaurant you want to try, and we want to go but…you have no one to go with. You may either be in a new city, with no friends in the area yet, maybe your friends are gone or busy during that time, and maybe they just aren’t interested in the activity you’re seeing. All of these factors shouldn’t stop you from enjoying yourself and having a good time.

So how do you rock your favorite events solo? Well I’m glad you asked.

 Treat Life Like An RPG Game

 RPG stands for role playing game (yes I’m about to show my inner nerd right now, but bear with me). So I say treat life like an RPG because in RPG’s you have to go on certain quests or things in order to gain experience, level up your character, and also get new items. In real life, you have to do these same exact things! So whenever you’re faced with something that you are going to do alone, and you’re having some anxious feelings about it, remember that in order for you to gain experience you have to be brave enough to go on the quest alone sometimes. In the end you will level up, and become a better person for it.



Fake It and You Will Make It

Going out alone and feeling good about yourself while doing it is like 20% anxiety and 80% you just straight up faking the fact that you are a confident, self-sufficient human-being, that doesn’t need anyone to go with them to a concert or restaurant. But hey guess what? If you fake well enough, it then becomes a reality, and voila! You are now comfortable and confident and well adjusted to your environment.

Who? What? Where? How?

 Now going out and livin’ it up by yourself isn’t all fun and games, you have to pay close attention t your surroundings. So ask yourself the following questions whenever your out and about.


1.  Who: Who is around you right now? What do they look like and what kind of vibes are you getting from them. Unfortunately, in today’s climate, you have to be so careful of the people that you are around now. But don’t mistake this for paranoia just have a healthy awareness.

2.  What: What are you doing? What’s happening in the moment right now?  Are two of many of the “what” that you need to ask yourself. Be aware of any and all activity that is occurring near you.

 3.  Where: Where are you? Where are you going? Where is the even happening at? It’s good to know your locations, so that if you have never been to a part of the city before, you’ll have a decent direction of where you are going.

 4.  How: How are you going to get there? How are you going to get home? Don’t just go into it thinking that you’ll just figure out how to get there and back when the time comes…because that will be super stressful on your part. Plan ahead, so that when the event is over, you already have an Uber ready or a metro card in hand.

Charge Up

Please charge your phone. I speak from experience on this. Nothing is worse than jammin’ out to your favorite band or getting lost in a museum and you look at your phone…and see that you are on 5%.


 No, this doesn’t mean FaceTime your friends while there (because that’s weird). This means that you need to put your phone down and actually make contact wit the people around you. Don’t use your phone as a crutch or hiding place, suck it up, woman up, and go make some new friends.

 Personally, I had the pleasure of seeing Marian Hill by myself the other night, and while their, I met this super cool chick who also went by herself and we had so much fun. I mean going by yourself opens you up to meeting people who have the same interest as you, so don’t cut them off by scrolling through your Insta for the thousandth time in a row.

Have Fun

You are having fun doing something that you love! Enjoy that and revel in the fact that you are just having a good time being you.

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