A New York Minute

A New York Minute

New York, concrete jungles where dreams are made of (credit to Alicia Keys),  but it’s so much more than it’s sky high buildings, blinding billboards, and fast paced lifestyle (i.e. Time Square). After basically living there for two months, I was able to discover my personal favorite NYC treasures. Some of them you may know, and others will be completely new to you. I highly suggest though, that you check out these sights if you have some free time in your summer travel agenda.


Chelsea Market

This bustling indoor market needs to be a for sure stop on any New York trip. First of all, the building (located near the famous NYC highline) has such a rich history. As it should, since this historic building has been here for close to 120 years. Within this amazing market you can try and buy all types of food. Trust me if you can think it, it will be there. From Asian fusion to home-style Italian, this historic foodie paradise will have what you’re looking for. On top of the amazing food, you can also shop for books, clothing and jewelry while being in the presence of some amazing artwork.


Chelsea Highline

The Chelsea Highline is a one and a half mile elevated garden and walkway that rests above NYC’s meat packing district. It provides it’s walkers with not only amazing views of the city, but also exposes people to the rich plant life that is happening in the city. This is personally one of my favorite places, because I am a sucker for plants, and loved the fact that this beautiful oasis was above such a bustling metropolis.



Citizens of Chelsea

In New York City, brunch is a must and Citizens of Chelsea definitely delivers on giving you delicious food. The atmosphere is very cool, and inviting with its family style main table and elevated bar areas. They also have some pretty bomb avocado toast and Belgium waffles. Be aware that it can get pretty busy on weekends , but the wait is so worth it, and what else is there to expect. Brunch is basically a religious practice here in the city.



Do I need to even say it? SoHo equals a shopper’s paradise! Not only are you able to find your favorite big brand name stores like Madewell, H&M, and Zara, but you can also find smaller boutiques. Also pop-up stores (temporary storefronts) are abundant. For example, I was in New York the same time that Aerie’s pop-up store was in SoHo, and to say I lost my mind was an understatement (my bank account hates me now). But while your window shopping in SoHo make sure to check out some of the other things it has to offer. For example check out the New Museum of Contemporary Art, or just enjoy walking the streets and observing the mad awesome street art there.


The Black Tap

One word can describe The Black Tap: DELICIOUS! I’m always a little unsure of food places that have reached fame via Insta. You never know whether they are only doing it for the popularity, or if their food actually tastes good. But The Black Tap did not disappoint, and proved to be both aesthetically pleasing and insanely food-gasmic. If you didn’t know, The Back Tap’s popularity is due to the massive and delicious, dream-like milkshakes they make. They are honestly pure heaven and worth breaking any diet for. If milkshakes aren’t your thing, they also have an array of burger options as well. Classique Tip: I highly suggest going on a weekday, because the lines can be heinous to get into this place.



Brooklyn Steel

I personally put Brooklyn Steel on here because of the fact that it hosts a ton of musical concerts throughout the year. It’s a very cool and expansive warehouse space that gives you all the good vibes when you’re jamming to your favorite band. During my stay, I was able to see my favorite band Marian Hill. So make sure to check out if any of your favorite bands are playing at this spot on your trip to NYC.  Beware: It’s standing room only at Brooklyn Steel, so wear comfortable shoes. Also SeatGeek is a great way to get tickets for any concert on a short notice.


Honestly there are a ton more places that I fell in love with while I was in New York, like Washington Heights (the home of Lin Manuel Miranda, writer of Hamilton) or the amazing murals of Harlem. I could honestly go on all day, but you should defs go explore for yourself this beautiful and diverse city.


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