A Piece of Paradise

A Piece of Paradise

I lived on an island for a whole week, and it was the most relaxed that I have been, since I came out of my mom's womb...I'm pretty sure. I am also like a whole two shades darker, and none of my foundation matches my skin tone right now (so tragic, but so worth it). But let me back it up for you guys real quick (when your too excited and you start speaking without any context). So here we go....

If you've been following me on Instagram, then you know that I've been chillaxin' on the sweet island of Aruba, a beautiful Dutch Caribbean island off the coast of Venezuela. Now, you may be thinking, " Oh okay, an island, sooo you just laid on the beach and did absolutely nothing." Well you would be...kind of right...I did nothing for a couple of days. BUT, I also ate some of the best food, and saw some incredible sights as well during my trip in Aruba.

Where Did I Stay?

We had the pleasure of staying at beautiful Amsterdam manor while we vacay'd in aruba. The resort was a bright beautiful yellow and our balcony gave us an amazing view of the beach, which was literally across the street from us. The staff was very hospital and I highly suggest staying here if you ever find yourself in aruba. The beach that it's next to has just enough things to enjoy such as: al fresco restaurants, water sports, and lounge areas, without being overcrowded with vacationers. 

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        What Did i Do?

Though we didn't do any water sports during this trip, we did do an off-roading jeep tour of aruba. The tour picked us up at our hotel in a jeep that looked like it was straight outta jurassic park. From there, our tour began and we traversed some incredibly rocky terrain, saw the beautiful coast of aruba, and took in some amazing sights. We saw the Californian Lighthouse and got a quick history lesson about it. We Saw alto Vista, which is a small historic chapel in the middle of a forest of cacti. We gazed at ancient ruins and beautiful natural bridges. Finally we ended the day snorkeling in natural pools. It was a pretty amazing experience, and I highly suggest doing a jeep tour if you have the time. It's the best way to see the isalnd. 

If you are interested in rocking and rolling in aruba on a jeep tour then i highly suggest using De Palm Tours. It's who we used on the tour and they were so much fun, and really took care of their tour groups.

when we weren't racing jeeps in the desert, we had a great time relaxing on eagle beach and enjoying the ocean. During the night, we went towards the city center of aruba, where we ate some of the best food I've ever had, and took in the nightlife of aruba.

                                                What Did I Eat?

I honestly ate some og the best food while i stayed in aruba. All of the seafood I had was so delicious! Here's ashort list of all the places that I grubbed at.


This upscale Italian restaurant will have you feelin' über fancy. We were able to not only eat some amazing food, but we also dined outdoors and enjoyed the atmosphere of aruba. I had there octopus pasta with a glass of sparkling rosé it was truly foodgasmic. It's definitely not fot those who want to stay on a budget, but if you are planning to have a nice dinner with your significant other or your friends, I hghly suggest Gianni's. (click on the name for more info about them).

Amore Mio

A pizza place in aruba that has a great selection of italian styled pizzas on their menu. Te restaurant is very cool and modern with outdoor seating and a miz of high and low tables. The pizza's are a decent portion and one pizza can feed two people (unless you're me, and you just devour the whole thing). They also have a really good cucumber mojito.

Le Petit Café

Another outdoor eating venue that specializes in giving you fresh seafood. Wheny you order their seafood and steak combos they come on a block of piping hot rock. You then cook your seafood and meat to your preferred temperature and enjoy. I though this was the coolest experience in eating that I had while I was in Aruba. It was defs an interactive experience. 

Travel Tips: Aruba

So Aruba is pretty amazing! It's a go-to destination stop for any vacationer, especially if you love the laid bak island lifestyle. but here are some tips to make your stay in aruba even better if you:

  • Pack Light: You aren't going to need a huge suitcase worth of clothes while you're here. You'll be in bathing suits for the most part anyway. So pack light, and pack smart. 

  • Beware of love: Aruba is a vacay destination, not just for families, but for couples...especially honeymooning couples. so if you go just keep that in mind.

  • have a budget: Aruba is a resort isalnd, so it's gonna get pricey. I suggest budgeting your money so that your not shelling out 100 dollars a day. If you are staying in a suite or a room with a fridge, I suggest getting things that are easy to make from the grocery store, and splurge on eating out for dinner time.

  • know your phone plan: know what your international options are when you're traveling. International charges can be a b-word, so know your options when traveling.

If you want any more tips for traveling or wanna know more about my time in a aruba, feel free to hit me up or comment on the post. While your at it, let me know what your favorite parts in aruba are if you've been or let me know about some amazing trips you have taken. I'm always looking for new places to see.

*If you want to see more pictures of my aruba trip, take a looka t the gallery below or head over to the new classique's insta for more (@thenewclassique). 

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